1. A beachcomber's handbook, valuable to any seaside explorer.

  2. A perfect resource for coastal residents and visitors along the Carolina coast.

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240 pages

ISBN 978-09628186-60

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Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast, second edition, was published in 2010. The new edition is a completely revised, updated, and expanded version of the first edition, which was published in 1991. The first edition went through 10 printings and sold more than 75,000 copies, making it the best-selling Carolina coast field guide.

Nature Guide, second edition, remains a practical, entertaining, reader-friendly guide to the common animals, plants, and environment of the Carolina coast. The text is fully illustrated, with over 150 color photographs, along with hundreds of pen & ink drawings. The photos and illustrations identify over 120 subjects, with in-depth information provided on each subject.

Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast  is scientifically accurate, yet written in language the lay public can understand and enjoy.

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