Simply Blue Crabs: Catching, Cooking, Eating is a handy mini-guide to blue crabs and crabbing along the US East and Gulf Coasts. This booklet presents all essential information required to catch, cook, clean, and eat blue crabs.

The print version of Simply Blue Crabs is fully illustrated with B&W photos plus pen & ink drawings, while the eBook version has color photos plus pen & ink drawings. Six nutritious and very delicious crab recipes are included. Simply Blue Crabs is reasonably priced, making it a good value to anyone interested in crabbing.

For those interested in more extensive and complete information on blue crabs, the 128-page book Blue Crabs: Catch 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em  is recommended.

Price: $6.95

Shipping: Free

40 pages

print version

ISBN 978-0-9628186-77

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Price: $3.99

55 pages

electronic version

ISBN 978-0-9967296-04

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